In order to feed double the number of hungry kids in Dhaka and Manila, from now until Thanksgiving, Louie and I will be MATCHING all donations made by our generous friends. Join us in trying to beat $6,500 -- the amount we matched last year!
$4,670.00 donated
29 Donors

Thrive was co-founded by Gina and two of her friends as a response to seeing countless hungry kids begging for food in the busy streets of Dhaka.  It runs today because of the good people still there who share the same mission of giving back to the world in a way that helps some of society’s most vulnerable people.

While our family has been back in the states for over five years, a piece of us will always remain in solidarity with the many people in Bangladesh who have forever changed our lives.

Photo Note:  Taken in the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Teknaf, Bangladesh.  Thrive delivered food to nearly 1,000 Rohingya Refugee families on Gina’s most recent field visit on March 7, 2018.  All of the children in the picture were part of the families who received food.

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